Connect SimulArt to WooCommerce (optional)

SimulArt can connect and create custom items for WooCommerce stores thru their API. Customers can be redirected to SimulArt to create items or you can create items yourself to sell in your WooCommerce store. To get API credentials, you must create a REST API key under WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced Tab -> REST API -> Add Key in your WooCommerce control panel. Make sure to select "Read/Write" permissions.

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Go to "Web store" under the settings menu in your SimulArt account, activate WooCommerce and enter your WooCommerce API key, API secret, and domain.

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Picture Framing Software Screenshot

When correct WooCommerce API credentials are entered, the top menu changes and clicking the SimulArt "Add to cart" button creates a new item in your WooCommerce store and redirects the customer to WooCommerce for checkout.

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Picture Framing Software Screenshot

The product details and image download link are added to the short description. Viewing the short description in your admin will provide you all necessary information. You can also include the short description content to your cart, email templates, or anywhere you want the info displayed.

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We suggest adding links pointing to your SimulArt store in your WooCommerce menus and home page to allow your customers to be directed to SimulArt to design items and come back to WooCommerce when they are done. Custom domains and subdomains may be setup/used for better URL consistency.

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When created, items are by default uncategorized and hidden. Because custom items may contain personnal images, they should always be hidden. Please make sure to keep customer items hidden in your WooCommerce setup.

When checking out with WooCommerce, order details are not saved in SimulArt and PDF documents are not generated (invoices and work orders).


When a SimulArt item is added to cart, there is no link back to the product details page (because the product is set as "hidden"). Replacing:

$product_permalink = apply_filters( 'woocommerce_cart_item_permalink', $_product->is_visible() ? $_product->get_permalink( $cart_item ) : '', $cart_item, $cart_item_key );
$product_permalink = $_product->get_permalink( $cart_item );

around line 44 of your /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/cart/cart.php page will force the cart links for SimulArt hidden items without making them visible in pages and searches.



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