Connect SimulArt to SquareSpace (optional)

SimulArt can connect and create custom items for SquareSpace stores using their API. Customers can be sent to SimulArt to create items or you can create items yourself to sell in your SquareSpace store. To get API credentials, you must generate an API key in SquareSpace -> Settings -> Advanced -> Developer API Key -> Generate Key in your SquareSpace control panel.

SquareSpace Screenshot 1

Name your new key and make sure to check the "Products" permissions and select "Read and Write".

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Go to "Web store" under the settings menu in your SimulArt account, activate SquareSpace and enter your SquareSpace API key. Please note that once a valid key is entered, an active store page must be selected where the items created will be saved.

Picture Framing Software Screenshot

Picture Framing Software Screenshot

When correct SquareSpace API credentials are entered, the top menu changes, clicking the SimulArt "Save Design" button creates a new item in your SquareSpace store and redirects the customer to the new SquareSpace product.

We would prefer to save a step and redirect the user to the cart page like we do with other platforms but this is not currently possible without custom code modifications in SquareSpace.

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The product details and image download link are added to the item description. Viewing the description in your admin will provide you all necessary information.

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We suggest adding links pointing to your SimulArt store in your SquareSpace menus and home page to allow your customers to be directed to SimulArt to design items and come back to SquareSpace when they are done. Custom domains and subdomains may be setup/used for better URL consistency.


When created, new items are added to your store page and can be viewed by all. Because custom items may contain personnal images, they should be hidden. Please make sure you take measures to hide customer products in your SquareSpace setup.

When checking out with SquareSpace, order details are not saved in SimulArt and PDF documents are not generated (invoices and work orders).


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